Solid Rock Around the World

As a group - and as individuals - we are grateful to have the resources, knowledge, and endless love to help others in our local communities, our country, and the world around us.

We wish to share with you a few of our heartfelt endeavors and the fabric of our stories.


John Dwyer, his wife Maria and son Connor traveled back to Haiti in early 2019 for the Lespwa Lavi Academy with Bismarck resident Ricardo Pierre-Louis.

Lespwa Lavi (translated means hope / opportunity) is a unique foundation providing hope and opportunity to young boys and girls and hard working men and women in Haitian rural communities.

The organization raises funds and awareness to support their facilities including a church, school, soccer field, housing and a medical center providing education, ministry, health care, and daily programming for 600 kids. The academy has 13 acres of land in Verrettes Haiti with a goal of opening the school in 2019.



This year found Misty Scott and her family back in the Chiang Dao and Chiang Mai areas of Thailand in early 2019 where they spent time in Faith Village and as part of a leadership team for a Vision Conference involving over 30 Shan leaders and their families.

They also partnered with the group on relationship building, introducing concepts with a focus on servant based leadership vs. ego based leadership, emphasizing team mentality and a culture based on honor.

With their backgrounds and passion for music they were able to help translate songs into the Tai language (not Thai) to ensure compositional integrity was not lost.



Our Executive Assistant Misty Scott traveled from Bismarck to Thailand for several weeks with her family in early 2018 to visit with friends and extended family in the Chiang Mai, Mae Sai, and Thaton areas of Thailand in addition to Myanmar and Laos.

The trip focused on ministering, volunteering, and bringing love, hope, and the gift of music to orphanages and a 5-community conference.

Misty lived in Mai Sai in her youth, and her family owns and manages an orphanage in Thaton so a big part of her heart revolves around helping these good people.



2017 found John Dwyer, his wife Maria, and their oldest daughter Chloe in Haiti as part of their passionate involvement to offer their time, love, and resources in conjunction with the Lespwa Lavi Academy.

John and Maria are active and ongoing members of the Board of Directors and are both dedicated to working with Ricardo Pierre-Louis and his vision for empowering the Haitian community with hope, education and the resources needed to empower and inspire individuals in rural communities to achieve their full potential.




In what can only be described as courage in the face of all odds, Misty and a team of women delivered a vision of what's truly possible when you step outside of your comfort zone and present uncommon thinking.

In a very remote area of Nepal with a caste system steeped in often unhealthy traditions, she and her team led a conference comprised of over 200 women and 50 men where they taught the importance of pursuing the vision, rather than pursuing the reward -- and having the courage and assurance to do what is right. They also had time to have fun, with the overall goal of returning in the future in order to do it all over again!