Scott Feld

Scott Feld

Financial Representative

The IRS is very good at taking the joy out of being successful.

Just look at the obstacles the IRS puts in the way of the people who are truly building wealth in this country. The tax code is not your friend.

Or is it?

Did you know that there are 6 items in the tax code that are EXEMPT from income tax? I educate my clients on how to position their wealth in such a way that in retirement it is exempt from federal and state income taxes.

I mean think about it, why do people move to South Dakota, Florida or Texas in retirement? To AVOID state income taxes. What if you could plan your retirement distribution in such a way to allow you to live in ANY state and live there without having to pay federal or state income tax?

I offer an education that will shake your understanding of your wealth, your plan, and your future.

Shake it up in a good way. A way that puts you on a path to say goodbye to federal and state income taxes.

Tuition is free! So to learn more contact me.