Misty Scott

Misty Scott

Communications and Marketing Specialist

Every company has their “Go To Person”… their “Director of First Impressions”… their “Office Catalyst”… their “Dedicated Problem Solver”… and “Detail Fanatic”. Misty is the Executive Assistant to John Dwyer at Solid Rock Financial Group where, on any given day, she wears one or more of those hats in addition to overseeing day-to-day operations and marketing as we continue to expand our firm.

She values and embraces creative expression and believes most people desire to be productive and successful in their careers, but may often struggle with the necessary communication skills they need to translate their dreams into words. Misty feels it’s her JOB to learn each individual’s “language” in order to help them put their goals/dreams into action. It is her JOY to see personal and inter-relational development begin to occur among professional peers, as an (often) surprise benefit and contribution to breakthrough company growth.

Previously, her work involved 15+ years as a paralegal, and an additional 5 years dedicated to the world of politics and finance which ideally prepared her for this opportunity.

With extensive travel experience spanning the U.S. and Southeast Asia, Misty has learned how to immerse herself and quickly adapt to unfamiliar surroundings while managing the unpredictable. As a transplant from Oklahoma, she is embracing Bismarck, and exploring the vibrant local scene.

She also enjoys spending time with her family, music, animals, acting in the occasional community theater, a good book on a sunny day, travel, and teaching others to passionately pursue life with a purpose.

Her greatest reward is simply helping others to succeed.



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