Joe Pickard

Financial Professional

For years I watched relatives, friends, and colleagues (self-included) follow conventional financial thinking and not achieve the outcomes they were promised. Because of this, I have come to believe that the financial institutions have stacked the deck in their favor when it comes to our money.

We are taught that the best way to become financially secure is to lock our money up for decades and expose it to large amounts of risk. Neglected in these conversations are discussions around how to most effectively mitigate the effects of market losses, potential tax increases, inflation, and health care costs in retirement.

Because of this, I teach clients that they can do things differently and have an active role in building their wealth. It is possible to have control of and access to their wealth for opportunities and avoid uncontrollable market risk. We work together to build strategies to position them in a way that enables them to pay as little tax as possible in retirement regardless of how much money they have or what state they live in.

My goal is to empower my clients and put them in the driver seat as it relates to their financial lives.