James Drebelbis

James Drebelbis

Financial Representative

I believe that in order for people to reach their full financial potential they should never have more money out of their control than in their control.

I believe people deserve to understand how money really works.

The financial industry has an agenda for your money. Everywhere we turn, almost every solution we’re offered favors the financial institutions, not yours. But, shouldn’t your financial actions support your most important goals? Shouldn’t the effort you’re putting in be working to further your best interests? Absolutely.

I began my studies towards earning a degree in accounting and realized that there is a significant difference between real wealth and math. The “money math” we’ve been taught doesn’t address how that money spends in retirement (when you’re counting on it to be there).

I partnered with Solid Rock because they believe, like I do, that people deserve to be educated about what else is possible so they can make their own decisions about how best to manage their own money.

If that’s something that resonates with you, let’s talk.

Outside of work, I’m always looking to explore new and different ideas. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping. My wife and I spend our free time golfing, fishing, and getting out to community events with our daughter.

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